Since 2014, Olive Tree Cosmetics is active in the field of natural cosmetics for body, skin, face, and hair care. For the production of our cosmetics, pure natural and organic products are used and exclusively ecological production practices with absolute respect for nature. The cosmetics line is based on olive oil. The olive fruit, which is a symbol identified with Greece, its tradition, and culture. As a result of the natural ingredients we use, our products are formulated without harmful preservatives and parabens, and free of toxic chemicals. We are committed to delivering you a superior product at the best price and with the same amazing service as a first-class cosmetic product. Our mission is to bring our customers the best beauty products and services available.

Olive Tree Cosmetics skincare products line

Our Cosmetics Line

Our skincare products are 100% natural and non-toxic. Each of the products is based on olive oil and enriched with natural extracts creating a complete beauty and care system. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and hydrating enough for everyone else. We offer a range of skincare products such as body butter, body lotion, face cream, hand cream foot cream, and more.

It’s All About The Olive Oil

The cosmetic series is based on olive oil. The fruit of the olive tree is a symbol associated with Greece, tradition, and civilization. Olive oil the Gold Liquid with unique, therapeutic, antioxidant, healing, and deeply moisturizing properties which was the first and most important cosmetic factor in Ancient Greece for the care of the body and health.

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